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What is the meaning of Vision in Hindi?

Meaning of Vision in Hindi is : स्वप्न

Definition of word Vision

Examples of word Vision

  • 'Cleansing' the Two-state 'Vision' in Jerusalem yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = '\'Cleansing\' the Two-state \'Vision\ 'in Jerusalem'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: "Israel Slides towards the Disastrous One State Trap," The Baltimore Sun\'s editorial concluded on June 5.
  • ~ Group Vision ~ Establishing REAL Learning Centres in Every Community ~ Centres Vision~ To be the Most Outstanding and Sought After Provider of Educational Services ~ Mission Statement ~ Transforming livesthrough REAL Education ~ Work Culture~ Together We Make this World a Better Place ~ Clients Charter~ We believe that the interest of the nation will be served by people who are result-oriented, forward-looking and caring individuals.
  • NASA has not put together a comprehensive architecture which specifies rationale and how each major point of the Vision is being answered.
  • The NNP had been "deeply mistaken" to launch what it called Vision
  • On a wall to the left of his office desk, Dollar has what he calls The Vision displayed in an awkward place.


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