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What is the meaning of Virgo in Hindi?

Meaning of Virgo in Hindi is : कन्याकार राशिचक्रीय तारामण्डल

Definition of word Virgo

Examples of word Virgo

  • In latin she was 'virgo' - young woman - not virgo intacta.
  • But the actual term used was 'virgo', meaning “young woman”.
  • It's just my pedantic virgo brain, but it seems without them that you are letting people off with only 90% of the story ...
  • Move the plate in order to that zodiac, capricorn, virgo and the last pisces, the plate will be shining.
  • If you forget the sign of zodiac you can see it in a bin near the toilet at the bath room. the father's Birthday can be found in the postcard, which coincided with Christmas dec 25, capricorn. mother's Birthday can be found in the picture 4 sept, virgo.


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