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What is the meaning of Virgo in Hindi?

Meaning of Virgo in Hindi is : कन्याकार राशिचक्रीय तारामण्डल

Definition of word Virgo

  • : A constellation in the zodiac, supposedly shaped like a maiden. It contains the bright binary star Spica. (proper-noun)
  • : The zodiac sign for the virgin, ruled by Mercury and covering August 23 - September 23 (tropical astrology) or September 16 - October 15 (sidereal astrology). (proper-noun)
  • Someone with a Virgo star sign (noun)
  • Examples of word Virgo

    • Virgo is blessed in its relationship to the natural fourth house … it is the place where the kitchen finds itself first elevated to the powerful realm of human reason, and where the dexterity of the human hand, allied to the five senses, can engineer perfection.
    • The South Node in Virgo for the next year or so will test your mettle.
    • But it was a weird feeling just the same to learn that no, I'm not a Libra ... the Sun was in Virgo on the day I was born.
    • The whole resembles more a cup than the human figure; but when we remember the symbolic meaning of the cup, that seems to be an obvious explanation of the name Virgo, which the constellation has borne since the earliest times.
    • When the sun first begins to descend from the zenith to the nadir, it enters the sign which is called Virgo, that is, the Virgin, because now the season becomes unfruitful, as a virgin is.


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