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What is the meaning of Vat in Hindi?

Meaning of Vat in Hindi is : हौैज

Definition of word Vat

Examples of word Vat

  • William Baumol tells of Mises saying, "Vat is dee Austrian School bat me und Hayek?"
  • Of course, with advancements in Vat-Grown Meat (tm) it’s probably only a matter of time before a lot of our low-grade meat consumption becomes perfectly guilt free.
  • So I went to the Old Vat, which is today's Arena, and they had regional theater.
  • At the beginning of this month, the price of petrol hit a record level when duty was increased along with Vat, which is levied on fuel.
  • This was a hard thing to do because if he was busy in the store he would not leave and if he wasn't busy, he would say to me, 'Vat's de use of buying, Maircus?


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