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What is the meaning of Vat in Hindi?

Meaning of Vat in Hindi is : टब

Definition of word Vat

  • A large vessel, such as a tub, cistern, or barrel, used to hold or store liquids. (noun)
  • To put into or treat in a vat. (verb-transitive)

Examples of word Vat

  • Have fun you will find that a vat is a lonely place for a brain
  • Cloth steeped in the vat is also green until contact with the air, when it immediately becomes a good blue: Introduction of acids changes the direction of the pores in the fibers, allowing only the blue rays pass.
  • La la, the salt vat is no place for my kissed lips and love - lavished body.
  • The indigo vat is subject to two significant problems, he found.
  • It clearly states shipping and vat is included in the price.

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