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What is the meaning of Valentine in Hindi?

Meaning of Valentine in Hindi is : स्नेह

Definition of word Valentine

  • An expression of affection, especially romantic affection, usually in the form of greeting card, gift, or message given to a person the object of affection, especially on February 14th. (noun)
  • A person to whom a valentine is given or received, especially on February 14th. (noun)

Examples of word Valentine

    • From PaidContent, whose coverage of VC is really leading on the more quant soundbite side: Chicago-based RSS metrics firm FeedBurner gets a valentine from the hometown Sun-Times, which, of course, also has to explain what RSS is given the small numbers of actual subscribers or active internet users who even know about RSS or web feeds.
    • I would say that today my valentine is my mother who's waiting to hear this in La Crosse, Wisconsin, at 89 years old.
    • However #13 gets my vote as my valentine is a bird lover.
    • Whatever part, much or little, there may have been in Fitzpiers's so-called valentine to his wife, he felt a delight as of the bursting of spring when her brief reply came.
    • "I used to love elementary school when like everyone had to give everyone a valentine, which is so ridiculous because there's no way you feel that great about everyone around you in a class," said Wolk with a laugh.


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