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What is the meaning of Urban in Hindi?

Meaning of Urban in Hindi is : शहरी/नगर का/नागरिक

Definition of word Urban

  • A male given name, rather rare in English. (proper-noun)
  • A patronymic surname. (proper-noun)
  • An early Christian, also Urbane and Urbanus in various versions of the Bible. (proper-noun)
  • Examples of word Urban

    • Peter Bosselmann, an internationally-recognized urban design expert and Professor of Urban
    • 'Changes in urban development plan inevitable' population across the world dwells in urban areas and hence changes in Urban
    • "We just want people to know that God loves them, and we hope that Jesus touches some lives," said David Hilln, an urban missionary and leader of Urban
    • The suburban survey this year is carried out by the urban survey crew of the past weeks (see Survey, Urban, July 11-15; 18-22; 25-29), except for Evrim Güven (Ankara University), Frederik Daniëls (KULeuven) and Ben Rubin (Ann Arbor), who were replaced by Michael Teichmann (University of Wien) and Ayse Tatar (Ankara University).
    • Pasadena family enforces its trademark of the term "Urban Homestead" Mark Frauenfelder at 5:54 PM Thursday, Feb 17, 2011 Above, a 2004 catalog from an apple tree company called Urban Homestead .


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