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What is the meaning of Ur in Hindi?

Meaning of Ur in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ur

  • Expressing hesitation or inarticulacy; er, um. (interjection)
    झिझक या अस्पष्टता व्यक्त करना; एर, उम।
  • your (pronoun)
  • you're, you are (phrase)
    आप वही हैं जो आप हैं

Examples of word Ur

  • Hao wud u liek to sellabrate ur accom…akompli..ur beeg deel?
  • In Welsh it is of frequent occurrence in the shape of _ur_ or _gwr_ -- hen_ur_ (an eld_er_), her_wr_ (a prow_ler_); in Russian the ger, gwr, ur, er, appears in the shape of _ik_ or _k_ -- sapojgn_ik_, a shoema_ker_,
  • He who cannot realize that one instance is often worth a thousand, bearing all within itself; he who proves unable to comprehend and esteem what we called ur-phenomena, will never be in a position to advance anything, either to his own or to others 'joy and profit.'
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