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What is the meaning of Ungrateful in Hindi?

Meaning of Ungrateful in Hindi is : कृतघ्न

Definition of word Ungrateful

Examples of word Ungrateful

  • From the moment when that word "Ungrateful" was flung at him like an anathema, little Popinot had not had an hour's sleep nor an instant's peace of mind.
  • He has released two albums: 2001′s Hits, which featured a few original compositions by Chianese, and 2003′s Ungrateful Heart, a collection of Italian songs.
  • Ungrateful looks when he awarded players with potted orchids after touchdowns.
  • Then tell them you're going to call them 'Ungrateful One' until Election Day.
  • Ungrateful, for what could you do with them; we can't eat


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