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What is the meaning of Transit in Hindi?

Meaning of Transit in Hindi is : संक्रांति

Definition of word Transit

Examples of word Transit

  • Union urges Ottawa transit workers to reject offer during Thursday vote Feds order striking Ottawa transit union to vote on city's offer Transit union wants Ottawa city council vote on mediator's proposal YOUR TRANSIT STRIKE STORIES: How has this affected you?
  • I must remind you that this Transit is a very rare event which will not come around again for a very long time to come and it will allow you to discover important and favorable changes for your business and transform your life with a unexpected gain of money.
  • That's why Sound Transit is still able to deliver projects even in this recession - they make very conservative estimates.
  • Sound Transit is collecting 0.9% sales tax in most of three counties, and most of that money is just being flushed down the toilet of subsidized trains.
  • Sen. Franklin's district will be slammed because Pierce Transit is planning the following cuts in service because of dramatic reductions in revenue:


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