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What is the meaning of Transit in Hindi?

Meaning of Transit in Hindi is : पारवहन
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Definition of word Transit

  • The act of passing over, across, or through; passage. (noun)
  • Conveyance of people or goods from one place to another, especially on a local public transportation system. (noun)
  • The system or vehicles used for such conveyance. (noun)
  • A transition or change, as to a spiritual existence at death. (noun)
  • Astronomy The passage of a celestial body across the observer's meridian. (noun)
  • Astronomy The passage of a smaller celestial body or its shadow across the disk of a larger celestial body. (noun)
  • A surveying instrument similar to a theodolite that measures horizontal and vertical angles. (noun)
  • To pass over, across, or through: aircraft transiting the United States and Canada. (verb-transitive)
  • To revolve (the telescope of a surveying transit) about its horizontal transverse axis in order to reverse its direction. (verb-transitive)
  • Astronomy To make a transit. (verb-intransitive)

Examples of word Transit

  • Preparing fish for the rigors of a plane ride and as long as 48 hours in transit is a very closely guarded trade secret; many companies refuse outright to talk about it.
  • As I write this I'm in transit from a four day Argentina Dove hunt.
  • The one good thing about spending so many hours in transit is that I had a lot of time read, and I read some great stuff, so look out for a few book posts in the coming weeks.
  • A claim for loss of, or damage to, household goods in transit is primarily a matter entirely between the owner and the carrier.
  • He compares the method of raising funds for public transport what we call transit in Britain and France.

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