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  • Torne (Remarks on a Quite Unusual Cold in Torne_), Vet. -akad.
  • The add-on, called Torne, will apparently reward owners with the "Master of Final Episodes" trophy once they've watched enough final TV show episodes.
  • At the same time, Sony held a press conference in Japan that showed off a new accessory for the PS3, called Torne, that will let users view and record terrestrial digital broadcasts.
  • The kit, called "Torne", is set to become available in Japan this March.
  • The Buffalo HD-AV500U2/SC and HD-CL500U2/SC are both compatible not only with PS3 but also with the upcoming PlayStation 3 TV Tuner and "Torne" DTV DVR adapter.
  • A young man who came to LuleĆ„ from the south at the end of the sixties, but who was originally from somewhere in the Torne Valley.
  • The young man from the Torne Valley went away and worked or studied in a large town down south, then came back to Norrbotten, joined a left-wing group under the name Ragnwald, the ruler with divine power, which suggested a certain megalomania.
  • The young man from the Torne Valley who traveled south, but eventually came back to LuleĆ„.