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What is the meaning of Titian in Hindi?

Meaning of Titian in Hindi is : लाल पीला

Definition of word Titian

  • A bright auburn colour, tinted with gold. (noun)
  • Of a bright auburn colour, tinted with gold. (adjective)

Examples of word Titian

    • Low on a titian horizon, it was sad and dim and far away.
    • For those of you like myself (of the titian persuasion) I digress here to insert an interesting side note on a myth on red hair which historically has many superstitions attached to in (Van Gogh had red hair too).
    • The summer scent of jasmine lifts from a tide of titian hair, and there is no hesitation now, no U-turn, no braking, only relentless forward motion.
    • Hell Yes Bring Back a Next Gen Series like titian please I miss star trek on tv ...
    • Terribly ungallant, I know, but he did make an exception for one titian-haired publisher I won't embarrass here.
    • Our titian blonde heroine, of course, solved the case easily.
    • One of the more famous stories is Eirik the Red's Saga where the scribes tell us that the titian-haired Viking settled at Eiriksfjorde in Greenland.