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What is the meaning of Time in Hindi?

Meaning of Time in Hindi is : हिसाब लगाना

Definition of word Time

Examples of word Time

  • A one time street kid from the Philippines, he has become a national treasure and, according to Time, one of the most important people in the world.
  • By the time he turned 35, Time had named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
  • That was what "Kandahar" (2001), Mr. Makhmalbaf's most famous film — named one of the top 100 movies of all time by Time magazine — set out to do.
  • "FROM FDR TO OBAMA: PRESIDENTS ON TIME" The exhibit explores the modern presidency through the covers of Time, America's oldest weekly newsmagazine.
  • It sits high up on lists of the greatest records of all time, from Time magazine to Rolling Stone, equal parts folk melancholy, jazz improvisation, and moments of almost spiritual surges, and of course there's that voice.
  • A series resurrection the likes of which hasn't been seen for a long time, Sanderson begins pulling the complex narrative ties of The Wheel of Time sequence into a coherent and logical finale, whilst simultaneously giving us one of the most satisfying battles in the series and also a self-contained, incredibly dark story depicting the battle for Rand al'Thor's soul.
  • And he still found time to see his daughter and speak to reporters from the BBC, Time, The National of Bangladesh, Reuters, a paper from Abu Dhabi, and me.
  • And although I think it is great that Tor and the Estate of Robert Jordan want to make the release of this final book a memorable time for them as well as all Wheel of Time fans, I can't help but agree with the fans on this one.
  • At the time, he was closeted and worked at Time but was not a reporter; he merely offered to attend the riots and bring back on-the-ground information.
  • The time has arrived for, as Time magazine called it, my "magnum opus."