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What is the meaning of Test in Hindi?

Meaning of Test in Hindi is : सोना आदि धातु शोधने की कटोरी

Definition of word Test

  • (sometimes test) a Test match (noun)
    (कभी-कभी टेस्ट) एक टेस्ट मैच

Examples of word Test

  • Assessment was trotted out to replace Aptitude, though it did little more than render the word Test blandly redundant.
  • To this end, we have created what we call The Test of Awesome.
  • "This, Ladies," said he turning to me, who was now joined by several Ladies, "is what they call their Test, but by what authority this Gentleman forces it on us, we are yet to learn."
  • The headline after the first Dunedin Test was "Clarke 18, Lions 17", after he had kicked a world-record six penalty goals to cancel out the Lions 'four tries.
  • Jump in Test Scores In Colorado, where a representative sample of 200 of 1,178 elementary and middle schools responded, the study found that state test scores for students in elementary schools with updated libraries were up to 14 percent higher than for students at schools with older collections.
  • The Watchmen Animated Series Screen Test is a weird one, using simple image manipulation and quotes from the comic to “interview” some of the main characters of the graphic novel.
  • An important component of The Emily Test is to make certain no one in my immediate family would be embarrassed by what I write.
  • An IQ Test is an instrument for indexing the relative “intelligence” of persons TO EACH OTHER.