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What is the meaning of Tentative in Hindi?

Meaning of Tentative in Hindi is : प्रायोगिक

Definition of word Tentative

  • A trial; an experiment. (noun)
  • Of or pertaining to a trial or trials; essaying; experimental. (adjective)
  • Uncertain; subject to future change. (adjective)

Examples of word Tentative

  • Her expression tentative, she moved slowly toward the chair facing him and hesitantly sat down on it.
  • The comments from the E.C.B. president, Mario Draghi, came after the bank's decision to keep its benchmark interest rate steady, amid what it called "tentative" signs that the pace of an economic downturn in Europe had stabilized.
  • Department of Agriculture and Centers for Disease Control issued what they called tentative proposed standards for food marketed to children, defined as up to age
  • As adults they remain tentative, withdrawn, and anxious.
  • For the most part, the links between particular traits and transmitter levels remain tentative, partly because the former can involve neurochemical choruses, not just solos.


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