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What is the meaning of Tenant in Hindi?

Meaning of Tenant in Hindi is : व्यक्ति जो कोई घर या जगह किराये पर लेता है

Definition of word Tenant

Examples of word Tenant

  • The Tenant is a monster/horror movie featuring Michael Berryman, Bill Cobbs, J LaRose, and Randy Molnar, filmed in Orlando!
  • Tenant is masculine, but a native Russian would innately understand it, and the refering masculine pronoun (he) to cover both, men and women.
  • Since I remember Troston there has been no House whatever opposite or nearly opposite to that in which I live: nor any very near it except that of a Tenant, which is on the same side of the road and has been new built since I came to the Estate.
  • In a way, Roman Polanski's 'The Tenant' is a horror movie.
  • It differs in one primary way from "Contract Brewing" – the Client, in this case called the Tenant, has title to the beer at all times during brewing process.

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