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What is the meaning of Tease in Hindi?

Meaning of Tease in Hindi is : सुलझाना

Definition of word Tease

Examples of word Tease

  • “Tease is a really sweet and flirty scent, so the name is very fitting,” says Hilton.
  • In the past month have you Stolen Anything: NOPEEver been Drunk: i plead the 5thEver been called a Tease: plenty of times ... even tho i'm not!
  • Based on Jack and the Beanstalk, it's about a town called Tease, Ohio, where Robin Williams plays a friendly giant. c.
  • Heiress Paris Hilton is releasing her 10th fragrance called Tease in the summer. ...
  • Challenge #23: Be a Tease is a highly underrated skill, and one that parents (and married couples) tend to lose.


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