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What is the meaning of Tease in Hindi?

Meaning of Tease in Hindi is : सुलझाना

Definition of word Tease

  • To separate the fibres of a fibrous material. (verb)
  • To comb (originally with teasels) so that the fibres all lie in one direction. (verb)
  • To back-comb. (verb)
  • To poke fun at. (verb)
  • To provoke or disturb by annoying remarks and other annoyances. (verb)
  • To entice, to tempt. (verb)
  • One who teases. (noun)
  • A single act of teasing. (noun)
  • A cock tease; an exotic dancer; a stripper. (noun)

Examples of word Tease

  • So, next hour, give us what we call a tease in this business.
  • M. O'BRIEN: Hence you have what we call a tease in television.
  • Now, with an economic crisis upon us coupled with a public that is gun shy about gas prices (you just know those $1.75 prices are only a short-term tease), they now come running, hat-in-hand, begging for bridge loans, as if this economic downturn was the only obstacle in front of them before reinventing themselves into profitable companies that build great products.
  • I use the word tease because yesterday started with rain and then turned to SNOW - and it hasn’t stopped since.
  • A tease occurs when two of the girls take off their shirts to change into swimsuits, but the camera quickly cuts away.


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