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What is the meaning of Tarzan in Hindi?

Meaning of Tarzan in Hindi is :

Definition of word Tarzan

  • A heroic fictional character, raised in the jungle by apes. (proper-noun)
  • A strong man. (noun)

Examples of word Tarzan

    • Anyway, QUEST OF TARZAN has two major plots; the first has Tarzan going up against the white savages the Kuvuru, who steal women from everybody including the Waziri, who are the black tribe Tarzan is cool with.
    • I think there were 19 zip lines, and for fun they had what they called a Tarzan swing.
    • Burroughs really sits between SF and fantasy (with a touch of proto-superhero in Tarzan), and Moorcock is its own blend of sci-fantasy.
    • Tarzan is much more the focal character in this book, rather than a sideline character, so that helps.
    • They end up running into a lion, and cannibals, as you do, when lost in Tarzan's Africa.


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