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What is the meaning of Tarzan in Hindi?

Meaning of Tarzan in Hindi is :

Definition of word tarzan

    Examples of word tarzan

    • Craig, aka tarzan, climbed about no problem, while I seemed to spend a good deal of time tree hugging.
    • Even if he doesn't make it to be PM, he may be emulate Michael Heseltine, who was derided as a 'tarzan' figure, but got a hugely powerful job when he was Deputy PM far bigger role than Prezza.
    • Quite Idolizing BHO, put him back into the tree's so you and him can act like jane and tarzan.
    • You have to stand for somehing tarzan other than cheeta.
    • There's lots to discover locally – the area is honeycombed with caverns – or for crazy arboreal activity, Go Ape, with its zip wires and tarzan swings is half an hour's drive north-west of the farm.

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