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What is the meaning of Substitute in Hindi?

Meaning of Substitute in Hindi is : स्यानापन्न

Definition of word Substitute

Examples of word Substitute

  • Subcommittee on Children in Substitute Care of the Children's Health Coalition
  • Hailing from Denmark and distributed stateside by Ghosthouse Underground, The Substitute aka Vikaren is surprisingly NOT your typical evil-teacher-terrorizing-students horror film.
  • The Substitute is a great episode that revitalizes some of the defining elements of LOST that I thought had been missing from the first two episodes of the final season.
  • I was torn between 1965 and 1966, and "Substitute" determined the outcome.
  • "Substitute "The Gap" and "JCrew" for any two classes on your favorite MMO, and cutting in line with "being PKed" and you have an example of the types of calls such a toll free line would be filled with."


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