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What is the meaning of Stool in Hindi?

Meaning of Stool in Hindi is : स्टूल
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Definition of word Stool

  • A backless and armless single seat supported on legs or a pedestal. (noun)
  • A low bench or support for the feet or knees in sitting or kneeling, as a footrest. (noun)
  • A toilet seat; a commode. (noun)
  • Fecal matter from a single bowel movement. (noun)
  • Botany A stump or rootstock that produces shoots or suckers. (noun)
  • Botany A shoot or growth from such a stump or rootstock. (noun)
  • Botany To send up shoots or suckers. (verb-intransitive)
  • To evacuate the bowels; defecate. (verb-intransitive)
  • Slang To act as a stool pigeon. (verb-intransitive)

Examples of word Stool

  • Designer Ryan Frank sent us his latest creation, the Isabella stool is a totem pole style stacking stool made from straw and wool.
  • Monitoring for rectal bleeding and/or anemia, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea or change in stool size, shape and/or color (any of these symptoms could warrant additional screening).
  • So every man sitting on a bar stool is a fat-assed alcoholic blowhard who spits when he talks?
  • -- An elk that apparently tangled with a bar stool is now wearing the bar stool on its neck.
  • As far as stool is concerned, you can see any color, but as a general rule you don't want to see black, white, or red.

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