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What is the meaning of Steves in Hindi?

Meaning of Steves in Hindi is :

Definition of word Steves

  • Plural form of Steve. (noun)

Examples of word Steves

  • Rick Steves is known for his popular European travel guidebooks, hosts a travel show on public television and talks about smart travel on public radio on Saturdays.
  • Are you, Acipenser, telling me that science can detect their designer – against the collective wisdom of Judge Jones, the NCSE, the AAAS, hundreds of 'Steves', and Chunkdz?
  • While the two "Steves" were busy creating an Apple computer, another great computer geek was busy creating a massive empire.
  • We'll set loose a handful of "Steves" in black mock turtlenecks and wireless round glasses in the hallways at Apple.
  • "The sort of 'Steves' and 'Corins' of the world, is it that they don't have bad qualities, is it that they control them more, or is it something else?"
  • heheh Arrogance is often a cover-up for insecurities and it would appear the the "Steves" have that particular commodity in an abundance.
  • Desiderius: Steve2, “Overpopulation is the greatest threat facing our nation today” For instance, we have one too many Steves.