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What is the meaning of Spouse in Hindi?

Meaning of Spouse in Hindi is : पत्नी

Definition of word Spouse

Examples of word Spouse

  • Spouse is an archaeologist, about which more later, but at the moment and for the last six years he has been working at the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command as an anthropologist in the Central Identification Lab-Hawaii (CILHI).
  • Finally, if your Spouse is into cheating and performing sexual fantasies ... check the bank balance ..
  • Spouse is IMing (he doesn't know I've just got in, but I left my gmail open so it appears as if I am online).
  • And yes, I do think it's pretty damn awesome that a potential First Spouse is making time for the mommy bloggers.
  • Spouse is still in the closet as she is afraid of lightening for reasons I cannot perceive.


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