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What is the meaning of Slow in Hindi?

Meaning of Slow in Hindi is : सुस्त

Definition of word Slow

Examples of word Slow

  • This is where the phrase Slow down to power up came in.
  • I particularly resented the term Slow, for Clarence had lately been the foremost of us in his studies; but the idea that learning had anything to do with the matter was derided, and as time went on, there was vexation and displeasure at his progress not being commensurate with his abilities.
  • My blog is suffering from what I call Slow Reading Syndrome.
  • Elaine has also written a lot about what she calls Slow Cloth.
  • Fahrenheit 451, where Dickens fans, before we die off, would be left to whisper choice bits from our favourite novels to each other while the rest of the world reads tweets and texts - the optimist in me calls for the development of what I call Slow Reading.


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