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What is the meaning of Slogan in Hindi?

Meaning of Slogan in Hindi is : प्रचार वाक्य

Definition of word Slogan

Examples of word Slogan

  • Ltd. in China (Slogan from the Godless Commies ...).
  • Dries Van Noten spun Serge Gainsbourg classics, interspersed with segments of dialogue from the films "Slogan," "Cannabis" and
  • Slogan on a card sold by Paperchase, presumably aimed at the serial killer market
  • Slogan: Helping you because you can't help yourself.
  • If the media had not cozied up to the "Slogan of Change" and with all the stolen phrases from here and there, then we would have a fiscally competent Hillary who would have done a better job with the economy.


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