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What is the meaning of Slick in Hindi?

Meaning of Slick in Hindi is : साफ

Definition of word Slick

  • A term of address, generally applied to males, possibly including strangers, implying that the person addressed is slick in the sense of "sophisticated", but often used sarcastically. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Slick

  • His woman left him in 1970 for a man he calls Slick Willy.
  • In walked Rick, aka Slick Rick the Ruler, one of the baddest male strippers in the tristate area who “ruled” because that nigga had a twelve-inch dick.
  • He spoke of Moab, Utah as the inspiration of his next composition titled "Slick Rock."
  • If your dog trees and doesn't have the coon it's called a Slick tree, and it's awarded Minus points, but if they have the coon, Plus them.
  • But Obama has the added charm of sounding sincere, whereas Bill wasn't called Slick Willy for nuttin.


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