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What is the meaning of Slick in Hindi?

Meaning of Slick in Hindi is : साफ

Definition of word Slick

  • Slippery due to a covering of liquid; often used to describe appearances. (adjective)
  • Appearing expensive or sophisticated. (adjective)
  • Superficially convincing but actually untrustworthy. (adjective)
  • Clever, making an apparently hard task easy; often used sarcastically. (adjective)
  • Extraordinarily great or special. (adjective)
  • A covering of liquid, particularly oil. (noun)
  • A tire with a smooth surface instead of a tread pattern, often used in auto racing. (noun)
  • A helicopter. (noun)
  • A camera-ready image to be used by a printer. The "slick" is photographed to produce a negative image which is then used to burn a positive offset plate or other printing device. (noun)
  • A wide paring chisel used in joinery. (noun)
  • To make slick (verb)

Examples of word Slick

  • People use the term "slick" as if it were something other than a positive thing, but in the singing of Ann Hampton Callaway, slickness, along with amazing time and wonderful chops, is a virtue.
  • The average mako cruising into a slick is about 80 pounds, but adults occasionally show up.
  • The old standards (Kill Dr. Lucky, Bring Me the Brain) are back in slick full color editions.
  • As the oil slick from the recent offshore oil rig disaster makes its way to Gulf Coast shores - expected to devastate the precious ecosystem and hurt struggling businesses - the seeds of political fallout for the Obama administration are beginning to sprout.
  • But you wouldn't know it from his constant appearances at political rallies and in slick, 10-minute television ads ahead of a presidential election Sunday.


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