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What is the meaning of Sir in Hindi?

Meaning of Sir in Hindi is : साहब

Definition of word Sir

  • A man of a higher rank or position. (noun)
    उच्च पद या पद का व्यक्ति।
  • to address somebody using sir (verb)
    सर का उपयोग करके किसी को संबोधित करना

Examples of word Sir

    • "He read, sir," rejoined Pott, laying his hand on Mr. Pickwick's knee and looking round with a smile of intellectual superiority, "he read for metaphysics under the letter _M_, and for China under the letter _C_, and _combined his information_, _sir_."
    • Romney would more than likely get confused, if he ever had to decide on military action, if he was American or the Taliban, and this sir is a risk no American can take. best quote today so far. jim
    • But Mr. Greenleaf, sir, is a gentleman, and the best of cabin fare and staterooms'll be none too good for him, sir.
    • Oooo is that egg on your chin sir …? on June 5, 2009 at 8: 45 pm Jingo399
    • "I ain't limpin ', sir," the man answered respectfully, and, at a nod of dismissal from the mate, marched off jauntily along the deck with
    • He's smart as chain-lightnin ', sir; do anything I tell him.
    • And I stood up and tapped him on the shoulder and I said, 'Hey sir, is everything okay?'
    • Basically what I am saying, sir, is that there were terrorists who attacked us -- they were Islamic jihadists.
    • God, sir, is most definitely guiding and protecting your steps.
    • That, sir, is what that same preacher tells his congregation about homosexuals. applejuicefool