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What is the meaning of Science in Hindi?

Meaning of Science in Hindi is : शास्त्र

Definition of word Science

  • Knowledge derived from scientific disciplines, scientific method, or any systematic effort. (noun)
  • To cause to become versed in science; to make skilled; to instruct. (verb)
  • Obsolete spelling of scion. (noun)

Examples of word Science

  • The past dead ends of science may not be relevant for a science class, but they are quite relevant for a *history of science* or *philosophy of science* class, as a corrective to the notion that science is a linear progression of successful theories.
  • We should remember at the outset that the nomad or minor science evoked in A Thousand Plateaus is not the Royal or major science that makes up the entirety of what Deleuze and Guattari call Ëœscienceâ„¢ in What is Philosophy?.
  • This chapter also draws largely, especially upon geological and chemical science, and affords another illustration of what, I trust, Mr. Stephens's book will more and more impress upon our working farmers, that _skilful practice is applied science_.
  • Personally the science of autosuggestion -- for I consider it as entirely a _science -- _has rendered me great services; but truth compels me to declare that if I continue to interest myself particularly in it, it is because I find in it the means of exercising true charity.
  • _We have science, and the applications of science_, which are united together as the tree and its fruit. '


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