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What is the meaning of Schmidt in Hindi?

Meaning of Schmidt in Hindi is :

Definition of word Schmidt

Examples of word Schmidt

  • SCHMIDT: Well, it ` s - you know, hey, look: my dad always said as a young boy growing up on the farm in Rochester, Minnesota - my father, Fred (ph) Schmidt, God bless him, he always said, Son, you ain ` t going to make it on the farm here.
  • "Rango," in other words, passes what I call the "Schmidt" litmus test.
  • Brenda Schmidt is the author of the recently released More than Three Feet of Ice (Thistledown Press).
  • Gavin Schmidt (yes, the main blogger for RealClimate is the best evidence against the credibility of the site)
  • Schmidt is the one whose fingerprints are all over the Vanity Fair piece.


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