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What is the meaning of SMTP in Hindi?

Meaning of SMTP in Hindi is :

Definition of word SMTP

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol: de facto standard for email transmission across the Internet. (initialism)

Examples of word SMTP

  • Yes, currently SMTP is down and I'm not sure why (smtpd is crashing with a signal 11 all of a sudden).
  • Today, email lives in SMTP and X. 400 is nothin 'much but a stack of very carefully worded requirements docs laid to rest (by REST!) on the trashheap of history.
  • An example application: SMTP In order to give a bit better idea what is involved in the application protocols, I'm going to show an example of SMTP, which is the mail protocol.
  • The SMTP protocol will often reply to the connection with a status 220 line, referred to as the SMTP banner, this tells the connecting client that the server is ready.
  • Jika ClamAV diset aktif pada Zimbra namun tidak dapat bekerja, SMTP akan me refused setiap request SMTP dan akibatnya semua email akan di deferred alias tidak dapat dikirim.


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