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What is the meaning of SMTP in Hindi?

Meaning of SMTP in Hindi is :

Definition of word SMTP

Examples of word SMTP

  • Most mail servers will try to pass the message on to the receiving server over a protocol called smtp.
  • 設定ファイル proto "smtp" hostname "example. com" port 25 これを eval 22/26 Rubyの黒魔術 Powered by Rabbit 0.6.4
  • So, use the SEND MAIL AS option and pick your NEW non-crazy gmail address (in which you activated pop) and use the smtp. gmail.com server for sending.
  • Why aren't these being used to verify the up-ness of all services including: authentication, directory, smtp, pop, imap, webmail, ...
  • I mean sure we can manage with a windows box taking over for smtp functions.


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