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What is the meaning of Rubber in Hindi?

Meaning of Rubber in Hindi is : रेती

Definition of word Rubber

Examples of word Rubber

  • I thought the knife in Rubber Duckie was out of line though, as was Sylvester being served up on a plate.
  • The World in Rubber, Soft and Malleable by Aaron Polson | neo-sentinel. info says:
  • Here it is: Rubber is the story of a tire named Robert who, after discovering a pile of burning tires, decides to avenge his people by blowing people's head ... like tires.
  • * Rubber is yet another movie about a tire that kills humans using telepathic powers after witnessing his family and friends burn in a tire fire at the hands of a human.
  • Enlarge2005 photo by Arza Barnett, The Courier-JournalThe newly installed flare thermal oxidizer, at right, at American Synthetic Rubber is designed to cut emissions.


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