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What is the meaning of Rubber in Hindi?

Meaning of Rubber in Hindi is : रबर
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Definition of word Rubber

  • A yellowish, amorphous, elastic material obtained from the milky sap or latex of various tropical plants, especially the rubber tree, and vulcanized, pigmented, finished, and modified into products such as electric insulation, elastic bands and belts, tires, and containers. Also called caoutchouc, India rubber. (noun)
  • Any of numerous synthetic elastic materials of varying chemical composition with properties similar to those of natural rubber. (noun)
  • A low overshoe made of rubber. (noun)
  • Baseball The rectangular piece of hard rubber that the pitcher must remain in contact with when making a pitch. (noun)
  • Something made of rubber, as: (noun)
  • An eraser. (noun)
  • A tire. (noun)
  • A set of tires on a vehicle. (noun)
  • Slang A condom. (noun)
  • One that rubs, especially one that gives a massage. (noun)
  • A series of games of which two out of three or three out of five must be won to terminate the play. (noun)
  • An odd game played to break a tie. (noun)

Examples of word Rubber

  • If condom catheters are too costly or not available, a regular condom (‘rubber’, ‘sheath’, or ‘prophylactic’ for family planning) can be attached to the collection tube with a rubber band or tape. regular condom
  • Interestingly, the term rubber comes from, in the 18th Century one of the first practical uses, well before vulcanization, was that it was found to be useful for erasing pencil marks, for rubbing them out and that's where the term rubber comes from.
  • LEE: Here's something interesting, too, "Wall Street Journal" talking about this this week that GM workers go to what's called -- what they call a rubber room in Detroit.
  • He reiterated minorities should not become what he called rubber stamps of the majority.
  • M: I was shooting a scene for Extreme Associates called 'White Trash Pieces of Shit' and the set up was Paris Gables and I were having a title rubber chicken fighting match.

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