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What is the meaning of Rem in Hindi?

Meaning of Rem in Hindi is : सर्वबन्धक

Definition of word Rem

Examples of word Rem

  • Objectively, the .222 Rem is a delightfully accurate cartridge that dominated Benchrest competition until it was displaced by the 6x47mm and 6mm PPC cartridges.
  • The .222 Rem is alive and well in my household, and will remain so as long as the brass is available.
  • Today, the .222 Rem is still highly appreciated by knowledgeable varminters for its efficiency and accuracy.
  • The .222 Rem is not an obsolete cartridge, though it's past its peak of popularity.
  • I don't have any experience with the cartrige but the .260 Rem is .308 case necked down to a 6. 5mm bullet as opposed to the .243 which is a 6mm.