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What is the meaning of Raspberry in Hindi?

Meaning of Raspberry in Hindi is : रसभरी

Definition of word Raspberry

Examples of word Raspberry

  • I love all cheesecake but White Chocolate/Raspberry is probably my favorite, Thank You, Bj. Emily Oct 22
  • The GOODBODY Refresh bars are vanilla bars coated with sorbet in Raspberry, Strawberry and Tropical flavors.
  • Aaron mixed us something he called a Raspberry Cordial while he gave us an abbreviated version of his story.
  • The One-in-Eight Group - an organisation which aims to promote physically challenged people in the media - gives out awards for the best portrayal of such people on TV, in journalism etc, and they are called the Raspberry Ripple Awards
  • While paging through the new information, she ate something called a Raspberry Dynamo Bar that Torbiong had thrown in with her supplies.


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