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What is the meaning of Quakerism in Hindi?

Meaning of Quakerism in Hindi is : क्वेकरवाद

Definition of word Quakerism

  • An alternate name for the belief system of the members of the Religious Society of Friends, an ostensibly Christian religious denomination that began in England in the 17th century. (noun)

Examples of word Quakerism

  • Quakerism is very different from Anabaptism (Mennonites and Amish, among other groups) in theological approach.
  • Because Quakerism is a decentralized faith, Quakers don't have a common doctrine or creed, though the belief that there is "that of God in everyone" undergirds many Quaker traditions, such as opposition to war and concern for the least powerful.
  • Eventually the Quaker service teams completed these tasks and went home, leaving behind them small Quaker centers to supervise the turnover of projects and to give support to the small groups of nationals who had become interested in Quakerism during the time of war relief.
  • For it is impossible in this case, that the word Quakerism should not become synonimous with charity, as it ought to be, if Quakerism be a more than ordinary profession of the Christian religion.
  • And hence, in other countries and in other ages, there have been men, who might be called Quakers, though the word Quakerism was unknown.
  • Religious belief is a private matter rather than one for the Congregation in Quakerism.
  • And though Hoover was a Quaker, which gave him little theological common ground with the fundamentalists, at least there was a history of temperance sentiment in American Quakerism.