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What is the meaning of Prohibition in Hindi?

Meaning of Prohibition in Hindi is : शराबबन्दी

Definition of word Prohibition

  • any of several periods during which the manufacture, transportation, import, export, and sale of alcoholic beverages were restricted or illegal (proper noun)

Examples of word Prohibition

  • Prohibition is as much as a disastrous, bloody failure for marijuana as it was for alcohol, and at least alcohol prohibition was constitutionally authorized.
  • Just as we saw in Prohibition or in the War on Drugs, if you make something people want illegal, you don't stop them from getting it.
  • In the show, set in Prohibition era Atlantic City, there's sex, corruption and extreme violence.
  • Prohibition is widely recognized in the historical literature as a “Progressive reform” David Bernstein (Quote)
  • Now, with "Boardwalk Empire," the HBO series set in Prohibition-era Atlantic City, the resort is ready for its close-up.
  • It was called Prohibition and it was a disastrous failure.
  • Prohibition is an abdication of policy making, leaving an otherwise popular commodity to the problems and vagaries of contraband markets.
  • Prohibition is not a policy answer — it is an abdication of effective policy.
  • "Prohibition is an extraordinary remedy to be granted only if action taken or to be undertaken is clearly without jurisdiction or in excess of jurisdiction" (Matter of Mountain, 89 AD2d 632, 633).