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What is the meaning of Privilege in Hindi?

Meaning of Privilege in Hindi is : स्वतंट्रता

Definition of word Privilege

Examples of word Privilege

  • The secrecy intrigued her almost as much as the name Privilege House.
  • Few men saw the ambiguity hidden in the term Privilege, and the immense difference that divided fiscal change from social change.
  • And while Privilege is billed as a fantasy, again, for me, it reads more like an averagely written period-piece.
  • Privilege is both a cause of, and is caused by, inequality.
  • Skin Privilege continues the formula of previous episodes: doctor and part-time coroner Sara Linton and sheriff Jeffrey Tolliver get into sticky situation where help is not to be found easily, dissect their relationship, everything is simultaneously slow-motion and exciting, Lena and her awful past, as previously, providethe plot impetus.


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