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What is the meaning of Pritt in Hindi?

Meaning of Pritt in Hindi is :

Definition of word Pritt

  • A British surname; variant of Pratt. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Pritt

  • DN Pritt is described as an "almost certainly underground" Communist but also a "Good MP (ie locally).
  • They first asked a vote question without mentioning Pritt's name and found 49% support for Caperton and 33% for Republican Cleve Benedict, while another 9% volunteered that they planned to write-in Pritt.
  • But a real Communist would, of course, hand the secret over without any sense of guilt, & so would a real crypto, such as Pritt [the MP, D.N. Pritt].
  • The split was first noticed on Tuesday, when the PM was reportedly seen locking himself in the Cabinet Office with a Pritt-Stick and Lord Mandelson's porn stash.
  • But one thing we do know about John Pritt Harley is that his nickname, “Fat Jack,” was something of a misnomer—he was a tall and skinny guy.


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