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What is the meaning of Pretoria in Hindi?

Meaning of Pretoria in Hindi is :

Definition of word Pretoria

  • The administrative capital of South Africa. South Africa has two other capitals: the legislative capital Cape Town and the judicial capital Bloemfontein. (proper noun)

Examples of word Pretoria

  • PRETORIA - South African President Nelson Mandela left Pretoria for a five-day tour of Gulf states and talks with rulers and ministers, his spokesman said.
  • PRETORIA - Pope John Paul II will visit South Africa later this year, a spokesman at the Vatican embassy in Pretoria said.
  • PRETORIA: President Nelson Mandela's African National Congress suffered a setback in its race to win control of local government across South Africa when the conservative National Party (NP) captured Pretoria, the administrative capital.
  • PRETORIA, June 10 (Reuter) - President Nelson Mandela was involved in crisis talks at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Friday to help defuse unrest in South African prisons, a presidential spokesman said.
  • PRETORIA, April 25 (Reuter) - Three whites in a speeding car threw a bomb at a crowded Pretoria restaurant on Monday night killing two blacks, witnesses said.
  • PRETORIA - A southern African "task force" met in Pretoria to discuss how to help end a military crisis in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.
  • PRETORIA, Sept 8 (Reuter) - Police have smashed another car hijacking syndicate in Pretoria -- the third in two months -- and expect a significant reduction in crime in the area, a senior officer said on Thursday.
  • PRETORIA Oct 2a About 700 former Bophuthatswana police marched on the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate's Courts north of Pretoria on Thursday to hand in a memorandum of demands, SABC radio news reports.
  • PRETORIA, Sept 28 (Reuter) - The all-white city council of Pretoria on Wednesday agreed to rename its airport route after President
  • PRETORIA, March 22 (Reuter) - South Africa's new president will be sworn-in on May 10 in Pretoria, the Transitional Executive