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Definition of word Pol.

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  • Testament also has these two meanings -- cf. Aristotle, "Pol.",
  • "V. H." viii. 9, re Archelaus king of Macedon, concerning whom Aristotle, "Pol." v. 10. 1311
  • "Pol." v. 11. 10, in illustration of the tyrant's usual method of raising money.
  • The favorite of Apollo while sojourning on earth in the character of a shepherd lad named "Pol."
  • See also In Eth. prologue 4, where St. Thomas, following more closely the Aristotelian doctrine of Pol. i. 2, no longer believes the Avicennian reasoning to be capable of demonstrating the conclusion that man is a political animal.
  • Since the state is a perfect whole, it must consist of parts which differ among themselves specifically In Pol. ii.
  • This is neither here nor in Pol. i. 1 the Aristotelian clanvillage, but the street of the medieval town, called vicus e.g., Vicus Straminis.
  • “The people for the most part fail to use reason” In Pol. iv.
  • "But at what time," says the judicious Hooker (Eccl. Pol., lib. i., s. 6), "a man may be said to have attained so far forth the use of reason as sufficeth to make him capable of those laws whereby he is then bound to guide his actions; this is a great deal more easy for sense to discern than for any one, by skill and learning, to determine."
  • 8Although there is no doubt about the fact that Pol. v. 11 is the source of this section, yet the text cannot be shown to depend literally on this source.