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What is the meaning of Plantain in Hindi?

Meaning of Plantain in Hindi is : केला
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Definition of word Plantain

  • Any of various plants of the genus Plantago that produce dense spikes of small greenish flowers, especially either of two Eurasian weeds, P. major or P. lanceolata. Also called ribwort. (noun)
  • A large, tropical, treelike herb (Musa paradisiaca) of southeast Asia, resembling the banana and bearing similar fruit. (noun)
  • The fruit of this plant, used as a staple food in tropical regions. (noun)

Examples of word Plantain

  • Love your combination, the fried plantain is a perfect touch. anna maria on March 14th, 2010 at 9: 34 pm
  • The skin of the plantain is dried and then roasted in a clay oven in order to achieve a particular color, texture and smell.
  • The sub-species _sapientum_ (formerly regarded as a distinct species _M. sapientum_) is the source of the fruits generally known in England as bananas, and eaten raw, while the name plantain is given to forms of the species itself _M. paradisiaca_, which require cooking.
  • Actually, I think a plantain is a weird little banana...
  • The kind of banana called plantain is grown as a food crop in forest regions.

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