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What is the meaning of Piet in Hindi?

Meaning of Piet in Hindi is :

Definition of word Piet

  • The magpie. (noun)

Examples of word Piet

  • Still less were we in Roberts's position, of being very (if rather vulgarly) rich to start with, but making ourselves even more so by churning out any old rubbish to please the then-ascendant neocons, secure in the knowledge that, having no need to work, we were unsackable, unlike academic historians. piet pompies
  • Is it offensive that piet is turkish, gypsy or african?
  • Light shone through what seemed at first glance to be a thin cloak laid across Susan Parkers arms, but which Mickey knew to be her own skin, pulled back to complete the macabre piet.
  • Path: piraya! kullmar! seunet! sunic2! mcsun! mcsun! piet From: piet@NIC. EU.net (Piet Beertema)
  • "_Grotovey, Grotovey; piet minute_" said the man, producing the ready prepared irons from one pocket and a hammer and nails from another.
  • It seems to them to be too narrowly focused on piet...
  • GNOME Wallpaper 1280x1024 albertopt alberto piet last visit Jan 7 2010 0 friends
  • And maybe this stage of SA's history will be define, in the distant future, as 'diehtrapa'. piet Pompies on April 2, 2010, 5: 54 pm
  • I was still undecided between the DA and COPE, but piet just made my mind up for me.
  • He should be on the side of the law here, instead of calling South Africans 'negative' because we want to see a crook in jail! ... or am I missing something? piet pompies on March 14, 2009, 2: 06 pm The Social Justice Coalition note 2 incredibly important things: