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What is the meaning of Petrarchan in Hindi?

Meaning of Petrarchan in Hindi is :

Definition of word Petrarchan

  • Of or relating to Francesco Petrarch, a renowned Renaissance Italian humanist. (adjective)

Examples of word Petrarchan

  • Sophist in Petrarchan and Promethean trappings and alluding freely to Byron's biography, Hemans leaves little doubt that her target is
  • In addition to reminding me of my own difficulties and insecurities when doing my first research as a graduate student (my friends are probably wearied of the tale of how Arthur Marotti justifiably disemboweled my first Shakespeare paper because of my misuse of the term "Petrarchan"), it also reminded me of how opaque academic culture can look from the outside.
  • This strict "Petrarchan" form has endured for six centuries.
  • Mark Pattison, a stout "Petrarchan," lays down these rules in the Preface to his edition of Milton's Sonnets:
  • May I suggest, that in honouring the promise you made your wife, the sonnet form you choose is the Italian Sonnet form, which is Petrarchan; so obviously will be in iambic pentameter, but the most comfortable and (in my opinion) elegant form: abbacddceffegg.


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