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What is the meaning of Peoria in Hindi?

Meaning of Peoria in Hindi is :

Definition of word Peoria

  • A particular city in Illinois, used to represent a typical United States city. (proper noun)

Examples of word Peoria

  • Monday, November 17, 2008 at 8: 01 p.m. PEORIA, IL -- The fifth infant death in Peoria in recent weeks has experts cautioning parents against letting babies sleep in their beds.
  • An attorney for the Demarees argued that the investigation and what he termed Peoria's
  • Jim says: I have lived here for 16 years and have seen people come and go thinking that coming here from "Peoria" is like moving around the corner -- or to another state.
  • The transcript of Obama’s February 2009 speech in Peoria is right here and, as others have mentioned, it was about the stimulus bill and not health care.
  • The studio, realizing that straightforward polemics don’t play in Peoria, is relying on hunky actors (and Abbie Cornish, as Steve’s embittered girlfriend) to bring in the teens.
  • But those folks in Peoria should consider this: how much of your Social Security check are you willing to hand over to the Pentagon to try to limit Pakistani influence in a settlement that ends the war in Afghanistan?
  • Now, I'm perfectly well aware that you would have trouble finding 10 Americans in Peoria who really give a rat's behind what happens in Afghanistan, so long as we are apparently on a path to ending the war.
  • I think I spent too much time in Peoria-Upon-Sump and once I escaped that place I can now call "WallMart By The Sea" or even better "Texas With Moderation", I wax incessantly about my escape even though I seem doomed to spend months every year in that intellectual swamp if you get my drift.
  • And as the good folks in Peoria consider that question, they should consider this fact: today, after all the blood and treasure the United States spent in Iraq, the Iraqi Prime Minister goes to Iran in order to get the Iranian government's blessing on his efforts to form a government.