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What is the meaning of Pause in Hindi?

Meaning of Pause in Hindi is : विराम

Definition of word Pause

  • To interrupt current work and do something else for a moment. (verb)
    वर्तमान कार्य में बाधा डालना और क्षण भर के लिए कुछ और करना।
  • A short time for relaxing and doing something else. (noun)
    आराम करने और कुछ और करने के लिए कम समय।

Examples of word Pause

    • II. i.32 (159,9) [tho 'she pause] To _pause_ is to rest, to be in quiet.
    • And, of course, it was just hours after President Bush said that he considered the term pause to be misleading because there was going to be no pause in operations.
    • "I think we're probably on a short term pause to really get the fear and the psychology into the right perspective."
    • Clearly, this term pause, much debated, does not apply to the air war.
    • Goldman Sachs economist Alberto Ramos , noting that the bank's decision to hike rates wasn't unanimous, says the a "near term pause in the rate hike cycle looks increasingly in the cards," although he said the bank still may push the rate a bit higher during the second half of 2011.
    • For a full second we stood in pause — I, with legs spread, and arched and tense, body thrown forward, right arm horizontal and straight out; Fortini, his blade beyond me so far that hilt and hand just rested lightly against my left breast, his body rigid, his eyes open and shining.
    • There was no rest, never a moment's pause from the cheerless, heart-breaking battle.
    • A semicolon pause is longer than a comma pause and shorter than a period/full stop pause.
    • Maybe there are some true consultant masterminds out there for whom every pause is a dogwhistle to pundits, for whom every turn of phrase is frought with Da Vinci Code-like hidden meaning -- I haven't covered them.
    • A good poet has to have an ear for punctuation, determining what sort of a pause is needed to maintain the meter, and what kind is necessary to make a convoluted sentence clear.