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What is the meaning of Park in Hindi?

Meaning of Park in Hindi is : हाता

Definition of word Park

  • A surname, the English form of a surname very common in Korea. (박 (Bak), 朴). The third most common Korean surname (proper-noun)

Examples of word Park

  • There are 39 villages within a 10km radius of the park, with an estimated population of 22,300 people in 1983-1984, most of them very poor subsistence farmers tempted by poverty to fish and poach wildlife in the Park.
  • Students from the Institut Pratique de Développement Rural de Kolo have examined the following subjects: impact of border human population on the park, methods and strategies for fire prevention and water resources in the Park.
  • I know there is a MR. Softee truck that comes, around sometimes but parks outside of the park between Madison and Park on 26th.
  • I sat in the park almost all day trying to get free tickets to Shakespeare in the Park.
  • A road has been built from Debarik to the park, entering from the west and extending for 45 km through the Park.

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