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What is the meaning of P.M. in Hindi?

Meaning of P.M. in Hindi is :

Definition of word P.M.

  • Alternative spelling of p.m.. (initialism)

Examples of word P.M.

  • Miller, who holds the title P.M. and worshful master, said police Cpl.R. Scott Miller, who also is a Mason, suggested the donation.
  • Results expected shortly after 7 P.M., which is to say in an hour or so ...
  • I often call at the last minute and can easily pop in without a fuss, and the salon is open until 8 P.M., which is perfect for those of us who prefer blowouts at the end of the day before a night on the town.
  • Around two P.M., which is when I decided I'd need fresh clothes if I were to stay on in Ashford for the rest of the weekend, I decided to drive back up to Seattle that afternoon.
  • It shows that he and his partner, working on first-class garments for a Broadway house in the four busiest weeks of the season, made together from $15.15 to $19.20 a week by striving from 6 A.M. to 11 P.M., that is to say, from $7.58 to $9.60 each.
  • We re-entered camp at 7.20 P.M., which is long after dark in regions so near to the equator.
  • From what I read, many Brazilians who live in Switzerland have expressed their doubts about Paula Oliveira being carved with a knife by three skin heads at 7.30 P.M. which is supposed to be a busy hour in the subway station in Z├╝rich.