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What is the meaning of Oz in Hindi?

Meaning of Oz in Hindi is : आउंस

Definition of word Oz

  • An unreal, magical realm. (proper noun)
    एक अवास्तविक, जादुई क्षेत्र।

Examples of word Oz

  • Screening Metal Symbol Results Oz / Ton Price / Oz* Salable Metal / Ton
  • I was favorably predisposed to this new Ladies Lounge of which you speak - until I continued reading your post and learned that a “pokie” in Oz is just a stupid poker machine.
  • Maybe she was the one who had taken out the copy of Pirates in Oz from the Library of Congress when I tried to read it there.
  • The big, bad wolf may blow your house down, and you may end up in Oz from a tornado, but somehow you'll survive.
  • It’s ok, Jen, the legal drinking age here in Oz is 18.
  • In real terms, it means nothing you do in Oz is ever legal because while it might be legal at the time you’re doing it, there’s nothing stopping the Oz government from changing its mind after the fact, turning you into a criminal.
  • Here in Oz - we go camping for the peace and quiet, family and friends, going to the bush or the beach - not to kill things …
  • God forbid you mention that something is too working class in Oz (such as my neighborhood), you'll instantly be branded a snob.
  • Shewelcomesrecommendations for other Australian novels and novelists, "particularly if you live in Oz and keep up with" the scene "as it were!"
  • We drink a lot of that stuff in Oz and leave all those fruit bombs to the auction markets and export markets.