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What is the meaning of OT in Hindi?

Meaning of OT in Hindi is :

Definition of word OT

  • Over-time (initialism)
  • overtime (abbreviation)

Examples of word OT

  • At one point at Central we had three faculty with terminal degrees in OT and none with a terminal degree or even an advanced degree in NT, though I believe there were a few students in the ThM program with NT concentrations.
  • Crosby bests late U.S. rally with gold-winning goal in OT
  • Crosby golden as Canada defeats USA 3-2 in OT - USATODAY. com
  • Saints outlast Vikings in OT, will face Colts in Super Bowl - USATODAY. com
  • Finland defeats Sweden 3-2 in OT for women's hockey bronze - USATODAY. com
  • He undoubtedly had help, connecting with Mario Manningham (six catches, 126 yards) on a 29-yard completion in OT that set up the winning kick.
  • Overtime = more money (except that OT is or was anyway, taxed higher than regular washes, so e.g. time and a half is taxed so that the hourly OT rate in your pocket is LESS than normal time)
  • In my force getting OT is bloody hard even with a prisoner.
  • Linesmen: SummaryBack to topPittsburgh beats Ottawa 4-3 in OT