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What is the meaning of OD in Hindi?

Meaning of OD in Hindi is :

Definition of word OD

Examples of word OD

  • [Footnote 23: I had written, announcing the word Od-jib-wa to be the true Indian pronunciation, and recommending its adoption.]
  • It is believed that all bodies convey, or are the vehicles of, a certain universal magnetic property, variously called Od, Odyle, etc., which is regarded as an inert and passive substance underlying the more active forces familiar to us in kinetic, calorific, and electrical phenomena.
  • "'Od's life, Richard!" cried Charles, "he has a Jew nose; by all the seven tribes I bid you 'ware of him."
  • "'Od's life, he has bought one of his Lordship's own manors -- as good an estate as there is in the province."
  • "'Od's, you may thank your own devilish thick head," said my Lord Comyn.
  • 'Od's life, he looks hunted, and cursed near brought to earth.