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What is the meaning of Nutter in Hindi?

Meaning of Nutter in Hindi is : पागल

Definition of word Nutter

  • A surname. (proper noun)
    एक उपनाम।

Examples of word Nutter

  • I think that from the time he started on the campaign trial, people have either implicitly or very explicitly said Michael Nutter is not black enough.
  • Michael Nutter is a mayor who is black; he's not running as a black mayor in any sort of quotes, as a traditional kind of grassroots politician.
  • Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is planning one program that will train volunteers to serve as graduation coaches who will help guide teenagers through high school and into college and careers.
  • No, I mean again, I think there's a difference between being a black mayor and a mayor that's black and I think that all Michael Nutter is saying is that he's not coming in with a black agenda.
  • Mokie: Nutter is actually a serious constitutional scholar who knows that shooting him dead would put a hurt on his right of access to courts.