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What is the meaning of Notable in Hindi?

Meaning of Notable in Hindi is : स्मरणीय

Definition of word Notable

Examples of word Notable

  • Notable is not just how high the uptake of wireless devices is (4 billion wireless subscriptions compared to only 800 million cable TV subscriptions), but the number of technologies that are seated on a wireless device, such as camera phones, SMS and mobile data.
  • Notable from the list are The Invisibles: Say You Want a Revolution, Death: the High Cost of Living, Transmetropolitan Vol. 1: Back on the Street, Preacher Vol 1: Gone to Texas, though the whole list is really quite good.
  • Although the interviewees in Notable New Yorkers may be celebrities and well-known in the U.S.,
  • Notable is the neo-Platonic objection that certain of what we call "things" or "acts" are only impoverished versions of actual things or acts.
  • Notable is the presence of women in significant roles in this 1950's story.


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