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What is the meaning of Notable in Hindi?

Meaning of Notable in Hindi is : उल्लेखनीय

Definition of word Notable

  • Worthy of note or notice; remarkable: notable beauty; sled dogs that are notable for their stamina. (adjective)
  • Characterized by excellence or distinction; eminent: formed a commission of notable citizens. See Synonyms at noted. (adjective)
  • A person of distinction or great reputation. See Synonyms at celebrity. (noun)
  • One of a council of prominent persons in pre-Revolutionary France called into assembly to deliberate at times of emergency. (noun)

Examples of word Notable

  • Extra notable is the films lead tough guy, Ken Foree – the guy just oozes cool.
  • Jiru is referring to China's pledge to make what it calls notable cuts to its emissions.
  • Jobin hopes to build on the organization's prestige and what he calls notable stability.
  • Also notable is that like Peter Facinelli, Liz is staying out of the salary negotiations fray.
  • Most notable is the vast National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, which offers low-income Indians 100 days of guaranteed work and is expected to benefit almost 45 million households this year.

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