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What is the meaning of Noble in Hindi?

Meaning of Noble in Hindi is : श्लाघ्य

Definition of word Noble

  • A surname. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Noble

  • A typical title page of her printing press declared: “Printed in the house and with the type of the noble lady of noble lineage Reyna (may she be blessed among women), widow of the Duke, Prince and Noble in Israel, Don Joseph Nasi of blessed memory … near Constantinople, the great city, which is under the rule of the great and mighty Sultan Mohammed.”
  • Appointment of a warmonger to get noble peace prize on many occations shows clearly that Noble
  • NOBLE (AP) - A large stack of burning railroad ties has stalled trains in the Noble area.
  • A student has pointed out that Barnes & Noble is selling my book for just $23.96, 20% off the Amazon price.
  • Barnes & Noble is aggressively courting the summertime reader by offering a 40% discount on their list of beach reads.


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