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What is the meaning of Nifty in Hindi?

Meaning of Nifty in Hindi is : गंधा
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Definition of word Nifty

  • First-rate; great: a nifty idea. (adjective)
  • A nifty person or thing, especially a clever joke. (noun)

Examples of word Nifty

  • They suggested inserts in nifty colors with names reminiscentof a fruit salad.
  • So, the WebOS looks nifty from the perspective of January, but does it from June?
  • The end of the world as we know it in nifty flash format.
  • Many years ago, I first picked up brush and paint and pewter miniature and set to work making something nifty from the combination.
  • MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition sounds really cool ... an add on to the original Max Payne (a couple of years old already) that lets you do some serious ass kicking kung fu style in nifty bullet time!

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